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František Jungr, Visa Europe Regional Development Manager

When we were thinking about how we can make life easier and enjoyable for Visa cardholders, we have decided to provide a concierge service. While selecting a suitable partner, we contacted several companies that provide this assistance service and in the end, we have chosen CONCIERGE Unique Concept because of a highly proactive approach and excellent references.

Josef Luzum, Managing Partner of SMB Holding Group s.r.o.

CONCIERGE Unique Concept coordinators provide a wide range of matters for me. Tickets for sports events - most recently Fed Cup, concerts, but also flawless cleaning. They also provided fly tickets and car rental in the United States. They have also proposed a wonderful holiday in Norway for me. I am a layman in this aspect, therefore, they have prepared a tailor-made program and have top it up with all necessary information, including the laws and constraints associated with fishing and fish export.

Martin Hanzal, hokejový hráč NHL klub Arizona Coyotes

Concierge mi kromě jiného zajišťuje dovolenou s rodinou. Nyní stavím v Čechách dům, protože sám nemám čas věnovat se tomu, zajišťují nákupy vybavení a dokážou domluvit i výhodnější ceny než ty, které bych dostal já.

Mgr. Milan Vladyka, MBA, partner Vilímková Dudák & Partners

Once I tried to use the Erste premier concierge. This is, however, useful in terms of banking or card questions. But when I wanted to do something extraordinary, I did not succeed at all. A friend recommended to me the CONCIERGE Unique Concept. At first, I was sceptical, but now they arrange everything for me. Not only VIP spots during the ice hockey championship. They can recommend where to spend a weekend in Bohemia, they will arrange everything and suggest places to visit in the area. They ensure entire holidays abroad and recommend unusual destinations. They also arrange repairs, purchases .... I am so happy with them, so our entire company is using their services today and we are just about to recommend them to our own clients.

Regina Sieber, executive and associate at Regina Sieber & Co

The concierge service saves my time. I have two young children and I want to spend my free time with them. It took me a while before I "learned" to use the service recommended by my girlfriend and take a full advantage of it. For start they arranged me tickets for a sold-out concert. At first, I did not understand that they were able to arrange truly a variety of requirements, such as a parquet repair, but would also recommend the best hotels in the world and assure a personal greeting on the place. Because I was looking for a reliable babysitter myself, I turned to the concierge. The lady they have recommended to me is now almost part of our family. Among other things they provide for me the repair of the lift, all sorts of reservations, air tickets, rental of a house in France, great home shopping, dry cleaning and laundry and tailor-made furniture for office ...

Jitka Fridrichová, associate Unit + Sofa

Concierge is my helper. They get me tickets perhaps completely to everything, they will also prepare a detailed Paris itinerary, where I want to celebrate my mother's birthday. Then they will arrange tickets, offer a selection of hotels, and the chosen ones will book, arrange a local Czech speaking guide and book restaurants in Paris. This precedes a suggestion of stylish and fashionable places. I do not have to verify and control anything. I know that whatever they arrange works at 100%.


Jiří Falář, Managing Director and Partner MR3

I use the concierge service rather occasionally. I rely on it when I need usually inaccessible tickets for sports events. Last time for example I needed for my client a not for sell passes to VIP seating zone on HC Litvínov match. I was pleased that the Concierge Unique Concept was also able to get tickets for the football World Cup Under-21, although they were sold out everywhere.


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